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Do you feel that you could be making a greater impact on the world around you? Do you put off doing what you really want to do? Do you constantly compare yourself to others? Do you find yourself constantly pleasing others? Are you a stranger to yourself? Today is the day all that could change.

I have been on TV and made an impact, I have been onstage and made an impact, I have designed and built houses that made an impact but nothing can match the day I discovered my true mission in life and started to fulfill it.

That is when lives started changing around me for the better.

Anyone can make a scene, develop a talent or achieve a goal if they put their minds to it but how many of us are being used to change other people's lives for the better?

The truth is that:

Before you can impact others you need to first be impacted yourself. You need to know who you are, whose you are and what your REAL mission in life is.

Many celebrities we admire have not reached this place - they may have exploited a talent very successfully but do they know the REAL reason for which they were given that talent?

To truly impact others you need to be confident enough to be who God designed you to be.

The most confident people in life know who they are and what they are called to do and, secure in this knowledge, they have the strength to face life and all the opportunities and challenges it brings.

But people who lack TRUE confidence:

  • are often people pleasers - they feel they have no choice than to please others. Many have a 'victim mentality'.
  • often feel threatened by anyone who they perceive to be better off than them in any way - better looking, more talented, richer. They spend time trying to bring people down instead of bringing themselves up.
  • often have lots of great ideas but they never have the courage to put most of them into practice. They follow the crowd or do the conventional thing because it is 'safer'.

It is your choice. You can get your confidence from money, fame, beauty, exploiting your talents, doing things for others, being a pillar in society, performing on TV or being a global star. But these are shaky foundations for building your confidence because they are all EXTERNAL factors which are hard to control and most will fade away in time. As many stars have found out, building your identity around these things can be dangerous!

TRULY confident people rely on INTERNAL factors for their confidence - they know WHO THEY ARE inside, they know WHY THEY ARE HERE and, the best of them, know WHOSE they are.

These are things that are within your control that CANNOT be taken away from you.

Would you like to be TRULY confident?

The Coach Ghana Initiative provides you with many tools, specifically chosen or designed with the African culture in mind, to help you build your confidence as you discover your uniqueness and the mission that only you can fulfill.

Confidence is different from pride. Truly confident people DO NOT build their confidence at the expense of others. They know that EVERYONE is special and NO ONE is better than anyone else. We are ALL made in God's image.

We made the choice to embrace true confidence. We are here to help YOU on your journey to TRUE confidence.


If you want to be TRULY successful in life you need to discover who you are. Copying others and following trends is not going to help you to discover your God-given greatness!

So what will make you great? Getting to know yourself and discovering your God-given mission in life. If this sounds good to you then you are in the right place!

There are four main sections to this site covering identity, career choice, sex & relationships and leadership. The life experiences you find here are of African youth just like you sharing what they have been through and the principles that helped them overcome obstacles and take advantage of opportunities. These are accounts of how they became true leaders in society by first leading themselves!

You can start your own journey HERE.


The Coach Ghana Initiative is inspired by Media Youth Project, Ghana (2000-2008) known as M.Y. Project for short. It was established to help Ghanaian youth answer the question: 'Who Am I?'

At M.Y. Project, our slogan was ‘Employing Today’s Media To Build Tomorrow’s Leaders'.

M.Y. Project was a voluntary project run by the youth and combined peer counseling (aimed at helping the youth discover who they are) with media outreach. Young people produced media programs sharing with their peers their stories of how they overcame challenges and took advantage of the opportunities around them.

Here are some testimonies from our family:

Find out more about M.Y. Project, Ghana here

"Everything you need to start your journey to greatness is already inside you. I am absolutely convinced of this after decades of counseling and research. It is like mining. The act of polishing diamonds does not actually create the diamonds – they have already been created; they just need to be discovered and processed. How much more precious are YOU!"  Seth Tandoh