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Do you see yourself as a leader and feel that you could be making a greater impact on the world around you? Do you put off doing what you really want to do? Have you never taken the time to think about where your life is really going? Do you constantly compare yourself to others? Do you find yourself constantly pleasing others? Are you a stranger to yourself? Today is the day all that could change. Right here, right now!

The truth is that:

Before you can impact others you need to first be impacted yourself. You need to know WHO YOU ARE, WHOSE YOU ARE and what your REAL MISSION in life is.

To truly impact others you need to be confident enough to be who God designed you to be.


The most confident people in life know who they are and what they are called to do and, secure in this knowledge, they have the strength to face life and all the opportunities and challenges it brings.

Here is what happens to people who lack TRUE confidence.

  • They are often people-pleasers - they feel they have no choice than to please others. Many have a 'victim mentality'.
  • They often feel threatened by anyone who they perceive to be better off than them in any way - better looking, more talented, richer. They spend time trying to bring others down instead of bringing themselves up.
  • They often have lots of great ideas but they never have the courage to put most of them into practice. They follow the crowd or do the conventional thing because it is 'safer'.

TRULY confident people rely on INTERNAL factors for their confidence - they know WHO THEY ARE inside, they know WHY THEY ARE HERE and, the best of them, know WHOSE they are.

These are things that are within your control that CANNOT be taken away from you.

At The Coach Ghana Initiative let us help you on your journey to becoming the man you were born to be!


Life is like a football game - you need to set goals and train yourself to achieve them. And you need to get help! Who is on your team helping you to achieve your goals? Who is your coach?

by Prince Dornu-Leiku

Can you imagine a football match played on a pitch without goal posts? Would it make any sense? Would it be enjoyable to the fans? Would you not consider the players crazy? And yet many of us play the game of life without any goals. Such a life is bound to end in failure. One needs to have some set goals.

Setting Your Goals

Goals vary from one person to another. Your goals need to be realistic and achievable. They need to be within your capabilities and IDEALLY they need to arise out of your life's mission.

Many people are very good at being organised and keeping their lives together but, upon reflection, their lives are going nowhere meaningful. They are making little impact in life.

A team that defends well but has no strikers to score goals is bound to lose a match where the opponent is able to score goals.

Knowing your mission in life is one thing, now you need to decide how to achieve it.

You need to decide how to attack your goals! A runner taking part in the 10,000-metre race knows he has to run slow, gradually building up if he is to win or even complete the race. What do you think would happen to a 10,000m runner who starts off with the speed of a 100m runner? He will break down long before the 500m mark!

You need to take seriously any opposition or obstacles to your goal and tackle them with vision, strength and determination.

As you reach for your goals, be prepared for obstacles. Can you imagine a boxer whom, immediately the bell goes for the start of the fight, walks straight up to the opponent with an unprotected face? The opponent will make mincemeat out of him.

Be disciplined!

Finally in life, as in any game, when you strive to achieve your goals, you must abide by the rules and regulations governing the field of your set goals. You will not succeed for long if you fail to abide by the rules! You will end up with a yellow card, or worse, a red!

A man without discipline is like a car without a steering wheel!

Life is a football game and I hope to see you in the first division.

Are You Ready To Start Your Journey?

The Coach Ghana Initiative For Men provides you with many tools, specifically chosen or designed with the African culture in mind, to help you and your wards build confidence as a man as you discover your uniqueness and the missions that you are born to fulfill.

We are here to help you on your journey to becoming the man you were born to be!


In order to succeed in life you need to know who you are. There are many ideas about what makes a man a man. Is it body features such as the penis? What about character and personality? What about his spirit? His emotions?

Obviously being a man is about sex as in gender – being male is about gender – but today we place even more on emphasis on sexuality when it comes to defining who a man is.

In Ghana, (and elsewhere!) it is considered almost an abomination if a full grown man is a virgin. Being a man is, supposedly, about the number of women you can have sex with. Without this qualification of sexual achievement you are not counted among men.

Materialism also plays a role. Look at the music videos of today’s male musicians. Many display the belief that flashy cars, big houses and lots of women makes them a man. These are “men by association”. In other words, society expects a male to be identified with some material things before he can be accepted as ‘a man’.

But are we happy with these definitions of manhood? Are they “truthful” or complete? Are they helping to improve the basic fabric of society?

Isn’t there more to being a man than just sex, drink and materialistic qualifications? How about another qualification - responsibility?

Isn’t being a man really all about our ability to take on responsibilities and give good account of our talents, abilities and dependents to our Creator?

High expectations are placed on men at all levels of society often without any corresponding training. Men are magically expected to be!

This is why The Coach Ghana Initiative For Men was established: to help men and those who live and work with them to understand who they were designed to be!

 Where We Are Coming From

The Coach Ghana Initiative For Men is inspired by Media Youth Project, Ghana (2000-2008) known as M.Y. Project for short. It was established to help Ghanaian youth answer the question: 'Who Am I?'

At M.Y. Project, our slogan was ‘Employing Today’s Media To Build Tomorrow’s Leaders'.

M.Y. Project was a voluntary project run by the youth and combined peer counseling (aimed at helping the youth discover who they are) with media outreach. Young people produced media programs sharing with their peers their stories of how they overcame challenges and took advantage of the opportunities around them.

Here are some testimonies from our family:

Find out more about M.Y. Project, Ghana here

"Everything you need to start your journey to greatness is already inside you. I am absolutely convinced of this after decades of counseling and research. It is like mining. The act of polishing diamonds does not actually create the diamonds – they have already been created; they just need to be discovered and processed. How much more precious are YOU!"  Seth Tandoh

The reason why many of us do not have confidence now we are ‘grown up’ is that we look down on ourselves. But where did this come from?