Whose Am I?


Have you found the joy and peace you seek?

In asking ‘Who am I?’ and discovering your mission you need to also ask ‘WHOSE am I?’

This is Abigail’s Story.

I used to be very shy and felt very inferior. As a result I lost a lot of opportunities and privileges in my life. These negative attitudes and feelings prevented me from exploiting the gifts and talents in me. I felt worthless and I was intimidated by people especially those whom I thought were lucky in life and had “made it”.

Though I had a good relationship with God, I still thought God was unfair to have made me so unlucky in this life. I blamed my family, my country and even God.

You can see that Abigail, like the Ghanaian society she comes from, placed a lot of emphasis on the external things in life – success and physical appearance. And the people she blamed for her failings were all external to her – her family, her country and even God! This meant that she felt helpless to do anything to develop or lead herself because she believed that was the responsibility of others.

Abigail came to our project as a shy young lady who could hardly speak up at meetings and went on to become a top news presenter on prime time TV! How did this happen? Read more about Abigail’s Story, which has touched thousands of lives in Ghana, in my upcoming book.

This is what Abigail shares about finding healing.

Just see yourself as God sees you. Let God alone be your standard. Accept yourself the way you are and find yourself. There are a lot of talents and gifts God has deposited in you. Make the most of them and start building up your confidence with Him.

Your answer to WHY you have been given your gifts and your mission will greatly be influenced by who you seek guidance from and to whom you are accountable to in life.

Why Do I Need To Know Who I Am Accountable To?

It is only those who are accountable to something or someone larger than themselves who can lead us to something or someone greater than ourselves. You cannot lead where you yourself have not been.

Accountability provides your life with structure (you know where you fit in) and safety (you know you are not alone and that you are ‘covered’). These are basic human needs for healthy well-being.

Who Is The Best Person To Be Accountable To?

We all need the help and guidance of other people. But why stop there? Many of our brothers and sisters that we may rely on are still finding out who they are themselves, can they lead us to a higher or greater place that they themselves are yet to reach?

Some of us already know God but many of us have a distant, detached relationship from Him that is starving us of the benefits that a deeper relationship with Him, that touches ALL parts of our lives, could bring.

In Africa we often believe that without God we can do nothing of true value. This, I believe, is true. At the same time folding our arms and waiting for a visitation from God will not work either when it is within our power to DO something to prepare for/attract His blessings.

God causes the rain to fall on everyone but it is only those who have planted who get a harvest in due course; those who haven’t simply get wet!

You can find out more about discovering yourself in my upcoming workbook.

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When you have a good idea of who you are, what your mission is and whose you are, you can now turn your mind to building great partnerships. Take your time. Each day is another day to live and learn!

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