My Life

A Rare Moment Of Honesty.....

“What’s on the surface always looks like one big party but inside there is a little boy looking for help and guidance.”

Top music star Chris Brown, who appears outwardly to be successful, admitted in 2015 at the age of 26 to feeling like a lost little boy inside. We love his honesty!

Can you relate to what Chris Brown is saying? We can. He is talking about self-leadership. The ability to lead yourself is essential and Brown, who has had many scrapes with the law, is being honest about what is causing him to go astray despite his musical success. He lacks guidance and, as a result, is still a ‘child’.

Many of us, like Brown, feel kind of lost. Why is this so?

Many of us have not been guided to get to know who we are and whose we are and to understand our mission in life. Without this knowledge we cannot effectively ‘grow up’ or truly achieve our personal best.

Brown’s father left home when he was just 6 and his step-father was abusive towards his mum. Without the guidance of heavenly and earthly father-figures we are unable to ‘grow into ourselves’. Naturally this affects our confidence and our ability to face life and all the opportunities and challenges it presents!

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My Life

In Ghana, at home and at school, we are often discouraged from knowing ourselves. Often well-meaning parents and teachers believe that it is safer for children to avoid standing out of the crowd because people who do so are often targeted in our P.H.D. (Pull Him Down) society. But we have got it back to front!

It is precisely because we don’t know ourselves and how much potential each of us has, that we spend our time and our energy pulling down others whom we see as threats!

When we know that we are unique and have a unique life mission then we understand that no one can take this calling away from us unless we willingly surrender it.

When we don’t know ourselves the consequences are far-reaching.

Partnerships are a problem as, because we don’t know our mission in life, we don’t know what we are offering to potential partners. Also we cannot tell if what they are offering us is in line with our mission as we don’t know it!

Parenting is also a problem. Can we offer our children what we ourselves have not been given? Chris Brown (above) is now a father, has he been guided to discover himself and his life’s mission so he can help his children to do the same?

Our leadership potential is also diminished. There may be many people out there whose greatness relies on us discovering our God-given missions!

If you believe that the time has come for you to lead yourself, we are here to help. This site, our courses and associated books, as well as our entertaining audio and video programs, are all designed to help we Ghanaians achieve our God-given greatness!

Roberta is fed up with life. She looks back on her past and realizes that people have always taken advantage of her. Now she has found out that her boyfriend, to whom she lost her virginity, is cheating on her. She feels like her life is over. Roberta has never been helped to  appreciate her true value. 

Albert has always been envious of those classmates of his who have ‘made it’. One friend, Kojo, always knew he wanted to be an artist. They all used to laugh at him in school but now his is a very successful interior decorator. This boy has even built a small community centre for the youth in his area.

I used to be very shy and felt very inferior. These negative attitudes and feelings prevented me from exploiting the gifts and talents in me. I felt worthless and I was intimidated by people especially those whom I thought were lucky in life and had “made it”. I blamed my family, my country and even God.

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