The 3 Questions Of Identity

There are three questions for us to ask in order to discover ourselves – ‘Who am I?’, ‘What is my mission?’ and ‘Whose am I?’

We need to know ourselves so we can understand our life mission and seek partners to achieve it. The order is important – it is only when we know our mission that we can find partners to achieve it.

We need to explore these questions under the guidance of a coach or a knowledgeable biological or non biological parent.

Roberta is fed up with life. She looks back on her past and realizes that people have always taken advantage of her. Now she has found out that her boyfriend, to whom she lost her virginity, is cheating on her. She feels like her life is over. Roberta has never been helped to  appreciate her true value. 

Albert has always been envious of those classmates of his who have ‘made it’. One friend, Kojo, always knew he wanted to be an artist. They all used to laugh at him in school but now his is a very successful interior decorator. This boy has even built a small community centre for the youth in his area.

I used to be very shy and felt very inferior. These negative attitudes and feelings prevented me from exploiting the gifts and talents in me. I felt worthless and I was intimidated by people especially those whom I thought were lucky in life and had “made it”. I blamed my family, my country and even God.