Happily Ever After?

When you know yourself and understand your life mission  and have answered the question Whose am I? you are ready to start exploring partnerships.

If you are called to marry, you need a spouse who will support you in your mission not one who will hold you back.

John has discovered he has a women and children’s ministry (as explained in my upcoming book on parenting). As part of his life mission he is called to be a Dad to under-fathered women and to use his authority as a man with children to help them acquire discipline for life. This role requires there to be moments of intimacy between his ‘children’ and himself although John has never been unfaithful to his wife Sarah.

But Sarah does not understand why he is spending all his time on other women and other people’s children? She lashes out at John and constantly belittles his need to get his affection outside the home. John now feels out of place at home and stays out for longer hours. Their marriage is in trouble.