A Rare Moment Of Honesty.....

“What’s on the surface always looks like one big party but inside there is a little boy looking for help and guidance.”

Top music star Chris Brown, who appears outwardly to be successful, admitted in 2015, at the age of 26, to feeling like a lost little boy inside. We love his honesty!

Can you relate to what Chris Brown is saying? We can. Brown, who has had many scrapes with the law, is being honest about what is causing him to go astray despite his musical success. He lacks guidance and, as a result, is still a ‘child’.

Many of us  have not been guided to know who we are and whose we are and to understand our mission in life. Without this knowledge we cannot effectively ‘grow up’.

Brown’s father left home when he was just 6 and his step-father was abusive towards his mum. Without the guidance and validation of heavenly and earthly father-figures we are unable to ‘grow into ourselves’ and fully become who God designed us to be. 

When we are not validated from within, we start to look outside ourselves for our sense of worth. Singer George Michael, a drug addict, said he knew by 22 that fame wasn’t going to bring him what he sought; drugs played a large role in his untimely death.

There is no such thing as a reluctant star. Stars are almost always people that want to make up for their own weaknesses by being loved by the public and I’m no exception to that.”

“By the age of 22/23 I knew that I was chasing something that was making me unhappy’ (from BBC Desert Island Discs)

Here is how Janet Jackson, a superstar at the very ‘top’, explains it:

 “Just because you have money doesn’t mean you cannot feel worthless, just because people consider you beautiful does not mean that you feel that way”.

In other words, money cannot make you feel worthy and external beauty cannot make you feel beautiful inside. These are the words of someone who is both rich and beautiful. 

What Most ‘Stars’ Are Missing

Do you ever wonder why so many immensely talented ‘stars’, despite their talents, wealth and power, experience an emptiness which sends them down a road of a meaningless, self-centered existence that is characterized by materialism, drink, drugs and sexual promiscuity? They are supposed to have EVERYTHING, aren’t they?

Well, there is one thing many of them don’t have – they don’t have much idea about what their REAL mission is in life. And it is not to make money, to be famous or to be top of the charts!

As they have not been helped to really know themselves, many talented superstars are unaware of their TRUE mission in life – the REASON for which their talents were given to them. So in the midst of great accolades for their undoubtedly great talent they do not experience any real, lasting peace or joy.

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Mark 8:36

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What Is The Alternative?

It is vital that we get to know ourselves as unique individuals designed by God.

In Ghana, at home and at school, we are often discouraged from knowing ourselves. Often well-meaning parents and teachers believe that it is safer for children to avoid standing out of the crowd because people who do so are often targeted in our P.H.D. (Pull Him Down) society. But we have got it back to front!

It is precisely because we don’t know ourselves and how much potential each of us has, that we spend our time and our energy pulling down others whom we see as threat(s!

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When we don’t know ourselves the consequences are far-reaching.

Partnerships are a problem as, because we don’t know our mission in life, we don’t know what we are offering to potential partners.

Parenting is also a problem. Can we help our children to know themselves when we don’t know ourselves?

Our leadership potential is also diminished. There may be many people out there whose greatness relies on us discovering our God-given missions!

We are all made in God’s image and no one got more of His image than the other so don’t look down on yourself! 

You are here for a reason, discover your mission and all the skills you have been given to fulfill it. Achieving your God-given mission is the ONLY way you will achieve TRUE, lasting satisfaction in life – by finding out what you were born to do and doing it.

When this happens, the recognition and the money that others are chasing at the expense of knowing themselves and their mission will come to you!

He left his country to go ‘in search of himself’ as he traveled to Ghana, a place he knew nothing about. How would it work out? Would it be his most foolish decision yet or one of the best choices of his life?

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