Do You Know Yourself?

Confidence comes from knowing yourself and your mission. I learnt fast that if I were to go through life being a stranger to myself I was never going to achieve any semblance of greatness because my greatness relies on me discovering my uniqueness and tapping into it. That is the way I will leave my mark on the world and be of service to others. Anything else ultimately does not work.

Who are you? How would you answer this question?

Why Knowing Yourself Is So Important

No one became great by following the crowd. To be great you need to discover your God-given uniqueness.

Knowing yourself means defining yourself based on what lies within you rather than trying to live up to popular external images of who you think family, friends or popular culture say you should be.

It about discovering the chain that links your interests, passions and talents.It is about knowing the strengths and natural limitations of your personality.

It would be a tragedy for you to go through life being a stranger to yourself as many have.

You may be popular when you play to the crowd but people who play to the crowd have to give them what they want which is usually more of the same – that is not ‘making a difference’!

The feeling that we are making a difference is where our TRUE satisfaction in life lies.

So what does knowing yourself involve?

Knowing yourself means understanding your MOTIVES for doing what you do and defining your values.

Knowing yourself means identifying the FEARS that are holding you back and challenging them.

Knowing yourself means understanding the HABITS you have, such as people pleasing, and how they are holding you back.

Knowing yourself means understanding what makes you truly fulfilled even as you serve others.

The Coach Ghana Initiative has coaches, tools and programs to help you discover how wonderful you are including this one.

One great tool to help you understand WHO YOU ARE is the excellent Holland Codes model by Dr. John Holland.

You can read articles about knowing yourself, understanding whose you are and discovering your mission below including the inspiring story of one lady who went from being insecure to presenting news on TV!

Abigail’s Story: ‘Who Am I?’

Abigail’s Story: ‘Who Am I?’

I used to be very shy and felt very inferior. As a result I lost a lot of opportunities and privileges in my life. These negative attitudes and feelings prevented me from exploiting the gifts and talents in me. I felt worthless and I was intimidated by people especially those whom I thought were lucky […]

Getting To Know Yourself

I believe that TRUE success depends on discovering who you are and understanding what God has sent you here to do. Discovering who you are is not only the key to true personal success based on discovering what makes you unique and using it to achieve your personal God-given mission, but in doing so you also contribute greatly to your nation’s development. Leading others begins with leading yourself. It is important you understand this. It all starts with YOU!

Are You Artistic

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As you begin to discover yourself you will start to understand your mission in life. READ MORE HERE in the next section.