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At M.Y. Project, our slogan was ‘Employing Today’s Media To Build Tomorrow’s Leaders’.

M.Y. Project was a voluntary project run by the youth and combined peer counseling (aimed at helping the youth discover who they are) with media outreach. Young people produced media programs sharing with their peers their stories of how they overcame challenges and took advantage of the opportunities around them.

M.Y. Project, Ghana, trained youth in media skills and equipped them to know and lead themselves in order to lead others. It played a major role in helping young people define themselves from the inside-out in keeping with our society’s move towards democracy and free market capitalism which emphasize individuality and labour specialization.

This is an overiew of key aspects of M.Y. Project, Ghana.



Here is a sample of some of the exciting, entertaining, educative and interactive events we have held.

Counselling Based Education

Counselling Based Education

As the name implies Counseling Based Education (C.B.E.) is education that involves counseling. Its effectiveness relies on getting trainees to reflect on their experiences, feelings and motives in an analytical way whilst teaching them values for life!

Roll Call

Here’s To Our Family Members!

Where Are They Now? (audio)

MY Project 15 Years On: Where are the graduates of M.Y. Project now? And how are they doing? Have they really become leaders in society?