Welcome to The Young Investigators

Do you want to try out your acting skills?
Are you interested in the media: in recording, editing and producing programs?
Are you good at storytelling or do you fancy yourself a scriptwriter?
Are you a born detective who naturally wants to get the bottom of what is going on around you?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, then you need to join the YOUNG INVESTIGATORS!!!

Who Are We

We travel across Africa solving cases that have got authorities puzzled. Many of these cases involve fellow youth. We take a media team with us to document all our adventures.

Why You Need To Join Us

In solving the cases we handle we learn a lot about ourselves and what is really going on in our societies in terms of social issues. We also build our critical-thinking/ analytical skills which look great on our C.V.s!

Y-i is a great place to hone your public speaking, acting or media skills such as photography and editing.

If that isn’t enough, you get to travel.

We shall soon be signing up trainees.

What We Do – Our Work

Below are some of our recent cases. See if you can solve them before we did!

Top Tips: How To Solve Crimes

Top Tips: How To Solve Crimes

Check out our guide to becoming the next Inspector Bediako (remember him?)! Your work as a detective gives you valuable skills for the modern workplace where employers are looking for people with creativity, initiative and analytical skills rather than extra paper qualifications.

Case 001:To Be Frank (Ghana)

Case 001:To Be Frank (Ghana)

An 18 year old man, identified as Frank Okaine, has been found dead in an inner courtyard of his apartment building in Airport residential area. Reports point to a suicide but is it true? Or was he murdered?



Please note: These are FICTIONAL dramas.