How Do You Choose The Career That Is Right For You?

Choosing a career? Not that easy right? Well, actually, if you have the right tools it may be simpler than you think! We are here to help!

My friend Peter is a successful artist – his work is displayed on the Internet and he is charging high prices for them. Many artists hate selling. They are happy to paint and sculpt and leave the selling to someone else but not Peter.

“The way I see it, there is no one who can sell my paintings as well as I can. I am an artist but I also have the knack of selling and convincing people to buy my work! Everyone loves beautiful things – so long as I’m in the business of painting beautiful pictures and sculpting nice pieces, people are always in tune with me. I keep up with demand. If people call that commercial that is their prerogative but who would like to work and not sell his products?”

Peter’s top three Holland Codes include Artistic and Enterprising Codes; he is very talented as an artist whose pictures are a social commentary and he has the gift of selling. Recently he has moved into sculpture which shows he is also Realistic (I like to call this Holland Code ‘Technical’ for easier understanding.) Peter has taken the time to look within and identify his talents and passions. His motive is to do meaningful work that brings joy to others!

Is Money That Important?

Is Money That Important?

True satisfaction comes from following your passions. Do what you love and the money (and everything else) will follow. Don’t focus on the money; focus on your passion and do it so well people will pay you well to benefit from it. Polish your talent like a diamond so it will gain value.

GOALLLL!!! (Life Is Like A Football Game)

GOALLLL!!! (Life Is Like A Football Game)

Can you imagine a football match played on a pitch without goal posts? Would it make any sense? Would it be enjoyable to the fans? Would you not consider the players crazy? And yet many of us play the game of life without any goals. Such a life is bound to end in failure, distress…

Amos’ Story

You will often come up against traditional mindsets that can hamper the achievement of your mission. You may be faced with a traditional culture where not only do children not talk directly to parents but they are cut out of most decision-making even where the decision being made directly affects the child. Knowing how to get your message across in such situations requires much wisdom.

The Holland Code

Dr. John Holland (1919–2008) of John Hopkins University in the United States was a psychologist who created the career development model known as the Holland Occupational Themes often called the Holland Codes (RIASEC). Each of us has the six Holland Codes but your top three Holland Codes are important so you can match them to a course and a career that calls for your combination and order of Codes.

Managing Your Money

Managing Your Money

Never seem to have enough money? Don’t know where all your money goes? Here are a few tips to help you make the most of what you have!

Efua Follows Her Heart!

Here is a story of one young lady’s courage to stay true to her dreams and reject success in the eyes of others in order to pursue more meaningful personal success. She was able to do this based on knowing and understanding herself.