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If you want to be truly successful in life you need to discover who you are. Copying others and following trends is not going to help you to discover your God-given greatness!

This site is inspired by Media Youth Project, Ghana (2000-2008) known as M.Y. Project for short. It was established to help Ghanaian youth answer the question: ‘Who Am I?’


There are three main sections here covering identity, choosing a career and sex & relationships. The life experiences you find here are by African youth just like you sharing what they have been through and the principles that helped them overcome obstacles and take advantage of opportunities. These are accounts of how they became true leaders in society by first leading themselves!

More About Us

At M.Y. Project, our slogan was ‘Employing Today’s Media To Build Tomorrow’s Leaders’.

M.Y. Project was a voluntary project run by the youth and combined peer counseling (aimed at helping the youth discover who they are) with media outreach. Young people produced media programs sharing with their peers their stories of how they overcame challenges and took advantage of the opportunities around them.

Here are some testimonies from our family:

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