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So You Think You Have What It Takes To Be A Leader?

Three Young People Thought So But  Only One Will Emerge As The ‘Chosen One’?

Sylvia is the youngest and the only lady.

Feranmi is the oldest.

Sedem is determined to make it through.

Which one will be invited to join THE COACHES SUITE.

For almost 10 years Media Youth Project has run biannual courses from which new partners to join the Media Youth Project family are recruited. In addition to teaching trainees media skills MY Project focuses on three main areas of self-development: careers, sex and relationships and, of course, leadership.  It is a tough process. Before one can lead others one must first lead oneself which requires great self awareness!

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Media Youth Project or M.Y. Project, the landmark voluntary organization that seeks to employ today’s media to build tomorrow’s leaders in conjunction with The Coaches Suite, has decided to open its doors and show viewers just how it is able to produce young leaders from various backgrounds through its interactive, educative and entertaining courses.

THE COACHES SUITE (TV)  A Collaboration Between Media Youth Project, Ghana, Lead Ghana And Renaissance Media.