Passing It On…..

Leaders are parents and parents are leaders.

We believe that leadership and parenting are one and the same thing. The duty of every parent is the duty of every leader – to help our children, our wards, our employees and our team members to know and be themselves and to discover their life’s mission building their confidence along the way.

Our duty as parents and leaders is to help people fall in love with themselves in order to release the God-given potential inside them that is need to help others and build nations.

Many of us are trying to work round the failures of our parents whilst much of our success is due to our parents helping us to discover and become who God had designed us to be before He loaned us to them.

The history of mankind is basically the history of parenting. We are told by the Bible that we come from a Father who Himself has a Son who came to save us and bring us back into His family if we choose!

At the heart of this site is The Parenting Cycle – which shows us how we can all achieve true adulthood status when certain factors are in place. At The Coach Ghana Initiative we look at how to compensate for these where we may have not benefited from them in our younger years and how to provide these for those in our care whether at home or at work.