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….But Do You Know What It Is For?

There is no end of talent shows on TV helping to create overnight stars putting them through the front door of the music industry even as many established stars with undeniable talent exit the same industry through the back door as their lives end tragically. Prince, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Tupac….the list of great talents who died of unnatural causes is long!

What is going on?

What Most ‘Stars’ Are Missing

Do you ever wonder why so many immensely talented ‘stars’, despite their wealth and power, often experience an emptiness which sends them down a road of a meaningless, self-centered existence that is characterized by materialism, drink, drugs and sexual promiscuity? They are supposed to have EVERYTHING, aren’t they?

Well, there is one thing many of them don’t have – they don’t have much idea about what their REAL mission is in life. And it is not to make money, to be famous or to be top of the charts!

Many talented superstars are unaware of their TRUE mission in life – the REASON for which their talents were given to them. So in the midst of great accolades for their undoubtedly great talent they do not experience any real, LASTING peace or joy because their lives have NO CONTEXT.

They do not really know who they are, many have convoluted ideas of whose they are and many miss their mission in life altogether. This lack of understanding plays a large role in their downfall (of course there are many other secondary factors at work as well – scandals, drug abuse, depression, alcoholism etc. some of which started before fame came along).

In the Whitney Houston documentary – Can I Be Me?  we see that an image was manufactured for the singer to live up to and she tried to be all things to all people many of whom were living off her income and, some of whom, including the father she adored, turned on her in the last days. She often found temporary solace in drugs.

You are left thinking that far from being a star, in many ways, she, like many others, was actually a victim of her talent and those who sought to exploit it.

What about you?

Do you have the nagging feeling that there must be something more to life – your life? Are you outwardly successful but feel empty inside?

We are all significant and our lives are a constant quest to understand this significance and to make it count in the lives of others.

Many of us have learnt to dislike ourselves from childhood – sometimes well-intentioned comments from parents, teachers, peers as well as messages from bullies, the media and the like have all succeeded in helping us to be dissatisfied with many aspects of our lives.

Throw in our own fears and the selfishness that arises out of them and you have quite a brew.

To escape all that we dislike about ourselves we try to associate with, or become, what looks popular and acceptable to the wider society in order to belong.

We adopt the world’s definition of success in terms of having wealth, being good looking, having sexual prowess, buying brands, drinking and so on in order to be validated.

By chasing wealth, fame or beauty can we really get the validation that we should have gotten from our parents and from a REAL relationship with God? Here is what Janet Jackson, a superstar at the very ‘top’, has to say:

 Just because you have money doesn’t mean you cannot feel worthless, just because people consider you beautiful does not mean that you feel that way.

In other words, money cannot make you feel worthy and external beauty cannot make you feel beautiful inside. These are the words of someone who is both rich and beautiful.

If we expect the outward things of the world to bring us LASTING satisfaction then we are sadly mistaken.

If you believed that material things or the approval of fans were going to make you feel whole and, now that you have them, you feel as empty as ever, what are you left to turn to?

When we can see that trying to define who we are based on external factors – power, money, fame, sex – is not really working then, feeling we have no alternative or cannot let our guard down, we often drown our sorrows in more sex, drinks and drugs.

These quick fixes never last and, to get more and more fleeting satisfaction out of them, we need them more frequently and in larger and larger doses. We become addicted.

Whitney Houston who died tragically of a drug overdose said:.

Is there a misconception……….that when we become famous that we have these beautiful perfect lives and that nothing is ever on the low? It’s a bad conception. Because then people always think that you have to be this grand old person that’s just happy about life and everything, becos what? We got money? Well money doesn’t make you happy. It never did, I mean history will tell you that. And fame certainly doesn’t make you happy – you know, people will tell you that who are famous.

Rapper DMX,  in VH1’s Behind The Music , speaks about how he felt at the height of his ‘success’:

I had everything that a man could think he wants but it meant nothing…it meant NOTHING…it was then that I was unhappiest.

I am reminded of the words from the Bible:

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Mark 8:36

God, the Ultimate Father who created us is trying to re-establish a relationship with us through His own Son Jesus Christ. Unfortunately many of us don’t understand this truth, have had it misrepresented to us or have simply rejected it. And, no matter who we are in society, we are paying the price for missing out on God’s offer of total validation and affirmation.

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