What Makes A Man A Man?

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In order to succeed in life you need to know who you are. There are many ideas about what makes a man a man. Is it body features such as the penis? What about character and personality? What about his spirit? His emotions?

Obviously being a man is about sex as in gender – being male is about gender – but today we place even more on emphasis on sexuality when it comes to defining who a man is.

In Ghana, (and elsewhere!) it is considered almost an abomination if a full grown man is a virgin. Being a man is, supposedly, about the number of women you can have sex with. Without this qualification of sexual achievement you are not counted among men.

Materialism also plays a role. Look at the music videos of today’s male musicians. Many display the belief that flashy cars, big houses and lots of women makes them a man. These are “men by association”. In other words, society expects a male to be identified with some material things before he can be accepted as ‘a man’.

But are we happy with these definitions of manhood? Are they “truthful” or complete? Are they helping to improve the basic fabric of society?

Isn’t there more to being a man than just sex, drink and materialistic qualifications? How about another qualification – responsibility?

Isn’t being a man really all about our ability to take on responsibilities and give good account of our talents, abilities and dependents to our Creator?

High expectations are placed on men at all levels of society often without any corresponding training. Men are magically expected to be!

This is why The Coach Ghana Initiative For Men was established: to help men and those who live and work with them to understand who they were designed to be!