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At COACH GHANA our courses include personal one-on-one counseling sessions included in the course fee.

Why Do I Need To Take A COACH GHANA Course?

We believe a true adult is a person who knows themselves and understands their life mission and is mature enough to meaningfully partner others. The aim of our courses and workbooks is to help you or your wards to get to that place.

What Does A COACH GHANA Course Cover?

It depends on the course – you can find the courses we currently offer at the bottom of this page.

How Are Courses Conducted?

Course groups are small and the sharing of information is interactive. You will get personal attention and enjoy a variety of different ways of learning involving games and role-play!

How Can I Take A COACH GHANA Course?

Simply fill in the expression of interest form found at the end of each course description and submit it. We will get back to you.

Here are the courses we currently offer:

The Discoverer Course

The Discoverer course, which features interactive sessions, personal counselling, games and audio and visual lessons, is designed to build your confidence by helping you to know who you are. Your journey will take you from knowing yourself, through understanding your mission and how to form partnerships to fulfill that mission.

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