The Discoverer Course

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Do you want to uncover the greatest that lies inside you? Time to take a journey of self-discovery!

Why is it so important to ask the questions Who Am I?, What’s My Mission? and Whose Am I? Here are just four reasons why you need to take a journey of self-discovery.

Your career – It is only when we know ourselves that we can choose a career path in life that suits our God-given gifts and talents.

Your partnerships – Until we know ourselves it is hard to form meaningful partnerships. When we don’t know what our mission is how can we tell if a potential partner is capable of supporting it or if our mission is in line with theirs?

Your ability to parent – In marriage we may have children who need to understand and lead themselves just like we do. It is hard to help our children to discover themselves if we have not discovered who we are.

Your leadership ability– Leading others starts with leading ourselves. Discovering who we are is essential not only to our own well-being but to those around us as well. There may be many people out there whose greatness relies on you discovering and implementing your God-given mission!

This course has been designed to help you tap the great potential that lies with you. Become a Discoverer today!

Course name: Discoverer

Duration: 6 days spread over 6 weeks with additional one-on-one counselling

Venue: Accra, Ghana

Details: Discoverer features interactive sessions, personal counselling, games and audio and visual lessons. 

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Please note that all courses are conducted in the English language and, whilst they are open to people of all faiths, be advised that the courses are based on Biblical principles.

This course will only give you a certificate of participation and is not regarded as an academic qualification or designed to guarantee you a job.

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