What’s My Mission?

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Albert has always been envious of those classmates of his who have ‘made it’. He sees them with their wives and children, riding in big cars and living in flashy houses. They have no problems. One friend, Kojo, always knew he wanted to be an artist. They all used to laugh at him in school but now he is a very successful interior decorator working on the many apartment blocks coming up in the ‘good’ parts of town owned by wealthy clientele. This boy has even built a small community centre for the youth in his area and has started an entrepreneurship project with them.

Nothing will make us miserable faster than comparing ourselves to others as we almost always compare the best in others to the worst in ourselves forgetting that we also have strengths and others have weaknesses. There is no way we can win in such a contest. It is designed to keep us down.

Albert may be a Christian but he is limiting the power of Christ in his life as he is looking for his identity outside himself when his God-given identity lies within him. No one has taken the time to help him understand the practical application of Biblical principles in his life.

As a result, Albert does not know himself and has no idea what his mission in life could be and so anyone who seems to be following any kind of ‘mission’ appears to be better off than he is!

Knowing your mission means knowing why you have been sent to Earth at this time, to this place. You are here for a reason, discover your mission and all the skills you have been given to fulfill it.

What Really Is A Mission?

A true mission is what you are designed and called to do by God to serve Him and others in a healthy way.

Why Do I Need To Know My Mission?

Achieving your God-given mission is the ONLY way you will achieve true, lasting satisfaction in life – by finding out what you were born to do and doing it.

When this happens, the recognition and the money that many others in Ghana today are chasing at the expense of their lives will eventually come to you. Knowing your mission does not only help you – others are relying on you to fulfill your mission so they can fulfill theirs.

When you know your mission you can find partners to achieve it both at home in marriage and at work in business partnerships. 

If you don’t know your mission then what are your partners coming to support? And how can you meaningfully support their missions with yours if you don’t know what your mission is?

How Do I Get To Know My Mission?

As you get to discover who you are you will get to know why you are here – your mission.

Don’t develop your talents and neglect the mission for which these talents were given to you. Many celebrities have done this and, despite major ‘success’, their lives remain unfulfilled because their talents are operating outside of their mission. If these stars were so fulfilled why do so many destroy themselves with the occult, sex, drugs and drink?

Don’t be misled by academic excellence either. Many of us in Ghana are good at our chew and pour system of education but just because we can pass exams in a subject does not mean that is where our mission lies!

Some of us Africans say we are too poor to be able to ‘afford’ a mission. ‘Ideally I know what I would like to do but I need to work at any job I can find just to put food on the table.’ This is where faith in God is vital.

If you truly believe God sent you on a mission can you honestly believe that He, who created all that we humans call wealth, will frustrate you from achieving it?

You can find out more about discovering yourself in my upcoming workbook.

Here are some useful tools for getting to know yourself:

The Holland Codes – Your top Holland Code will tell you the nature of your mission. For example if your top Holland Code is Social then you are called to a mission that involves working directly with people to better their lives both now and into the future.

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