A Journey Of Self-Discovery

TRUE greatness depends on discovering who you are and understanding what God has sent you here to do. When you know these, embrace them and act on them then you are on the road to true maturity.

Joshua’s Journey

Many Ghanaians leave our shores believing that going to the West will magically make them great. In Ghana, at home and at school, we are often discouraged from knowing ourselves. Often well-meaning parents and teachers believe that it is safer for children to avoid standing out of the crowd because people who do so are often targeted in our P.H.D. (Pull Him Down) society. But we have got it back to front!

It is precisely because we don’t know ourselves and how much potential each of us has, that we spend our time and our energy pulling down others whom we see as threats!

When we over-emphasize conformity, we are discouraged from discovering and expressing our uniqueness and yet God took the time to design us as unique individuals. It is the unique gifts placed within us and the unique mission God has given each of us that will bring Him glory, build our nation and bring us the greatest peace, joy and satisfaction.

It is vital that we get to know ourselves as unique individuals designed by God. The journey we need to take is not a journey to another country but a journey into ourselves.

Joshua was just 22 when he left his home country of Nigeria to head for Ghana. What was his motive for doing this?

I wanted to discover who I was and I felt that in my current environment that would not be possible. I decided to look for greener pastures to better myself.  I never told my family or friends about my traveling because I knew they would discourage me and talk about dangers involved. As I left Nigeria I felt like I was going to discover who I was supposed to be.

Joshua crossed the border into Ghana and, out of curiosity, stayed on the bus until the last stop in central Accra. After some nights on the street with no money, surviving on the kindness of a few, things started to fall in place for Joshua.

 I met a man who was a building contractor and we became friends. In Nigeria, I was used to doing construction work. He took me out of Accra to a new site where he was building a house for someone. He called a carpenter to put a net on the window in the room I stayed. The carpenter told me that his church was run by a Nigerian pastor and that I should meet him. Though I was Muslim I went because of the Nigerian connection but something happened.

During the service the man of God said God was about to answer a question I had been asking Him. I had been asking God what the best way was to worship Him.  The next morning when I awoke there was a tangible joy within me and I could not tell the reason for it. I felt like I was a Christian. Then the thought came to me that Christianity is the way to worship God.

Along the line I befriended Seth. He did a personality test with me and I got to know  I was artistic, social and investigative. I have also realised that I have a parenting ministry with women and children.

I visited Nigeria recently and, just from my conversation, my family, friends and neighbours could tell that my motives and my outlook in life had completely changed. I think back to my original motive for leaving Nigeria and I see that everything is working well!

Even though Joshua took a physical journey from Nigeria to Ghana, his breakthrough came when he took a journey into himself under the guidance of mentors. This is the journey COACH GHANA takes you on.

Begin Your Own Journey.....

TRUE success depends on discovering who you are and understanding what God has sent you here to do. There are three questions to ask in order to discover yourself – ‘Who am I?’ ‘What is my mission?’ and ‘Whose am I?’ When we can answer these questions then we can call ourselves truly mature.

These questions are fundamental to your identity. Your identity affects your decisions, relationships, career, marriage choices, parenting skills, where you live, how you dress, how easily you are influenced and much more. We need to explore these questions under the guidance of a coach or a knowledgeable biological or non biological parent.

When we know ourselves then we can understand our life mission and seek partners to achieve it. The order is important – it is only when we know our mission that we can find the right partners in life.

Everything that will give us a meaningful life has already been placed inside us by God! Knowing ourselves  is about discovering, under guidance, the chain that links our interests,
passions and talents.

The aim of our time on earth is not to waste our time doing what someone else can do better but to do what we are UNIQUELY called and designed by God to do! We need to find our God-given mission.

Our greatness and the reach and the impact we have on society, history and even eternity is determined by who we are we ultimately accountable to? Ourselves? Other people? Or the Person who sent us?